Let us do it for you

We maintain a PCI compliant development team and operating model which we apply to all our data services. We work with third-parties, including regulated businesses, to build and operate for them a set of tailor made services.


We build and manage practical and scalable blockchain-based technical services for our customers, and their customers, to use. This technology is inherently trustless, meaning that anyone using our infrastructure can guarantee that we cannot arbitrate the data process nor therefore make revenue from the data.

Our business model is based on transaction and message volume, rather than content value. We want to be paid to operate a trusted infrastructure, not from managing the data.

Think of our platform as a trusted data guardian. An online transaction system for the many, not for the few.


UX / UI Design

Whether we are dealing with web or native mobile applications, or hardware our approach is always user-centric.



We have built and maintain a number of different 3-layer decentralised platforms.



We cover everything from embedded engineering, network, database and server engineering to web and mobile applications.



The deployment process includes performance and scalability reviews, design, security reviews, platform selection and vendor choice.



We build and maintain cloud-based infrastructure and provide round-the-clock support and management that solve problems before they arise.



We offer cutting-edge penetration testing services and conduct independent security research and development.

What we did

Secure Attestation Service

One of our clients has a requirement for privacy-first infrastructure that has consumer interests at the heart of its business. To ensure that our client meets their regulatory obligations we have integrated with their zero-knowledge proof platform to ensure any peripheral PII data is handled to PCI levels of data security standards.

Secure User-Consented Geolocation tracking

This European client has a requirement to monitor and manage mass-scale crowds for health, safety and security reasons. In addition to designing and building the radio infrastructure to deliver low-power long-range accurate positional data, we have also designed, built and run a secure network for them. This security and privacy-first network is specifically designed to provide our client with the ‘crowd’ metrics they need to deliver their service, but without the need to unnecessarily expose the business to PII.

WebApp Open Banking Simulator

This UK Bank has a requirement for an internally used simulator to help with their ongoing regulatory compliance requirements, and help them with their broader business plans. Mia Pago designed and built a secure, easy-to-use fully Open Banking ready simulator to enable the bank’s employees to efficiently design and execute a full range of test cases.