Take back control of your online life

Mia empowers consumers to become digitally self-sovereign. This means giving you control of your identity and data online, including who you share it with.

Direct data sharing tools

Sharing some data is required everyday. But why do you need to create yet another online account just because you want to read an article or receive a one-time service? We provide you and businesses the tools to securely share only what is needed directly between you.

Control for your personal data flows

Everyday consumers are pitched against large multinational companies with the resources and expertise to gather huge amounts of data. We provide businesses easy-to-use tools that enable them to request only the information they need from you in order for them to provide the product or service they are providing.

Protection of holding your personal data

New rules and laws are helping change business behaviour by increasing the risks of holding personal data; actually changing business behaviour may take a while. In addition to better protecting you, we also think we’re helping to protect the businesses themselves from the risks of holding your personal data.


We respect your privacy

Our core stance is privacy first. We do not gather any unnecessary data. We will NEVER sell any data we do have. Where we can, we design our systems and processes to ensure we can never access your data.

Whenever you see MIA you know you can trust it. If an organisation or business is asking you to attest something using MIA you can be sure they are trying to respect your privacy, giving you complete piece of mind.