Your Relationships, not ours

Mia helps organisations connect securely to user’s own self-managed data directly without anyone else getting in the way....including us

What we do

We’re on a mission to make secure data online the norm rather than a luxury. This means we need to make it cheap and easy to use for everybody, without making ourselves a middle-man that everybody has to deal with and trust.

Instant connection between business and customers

‘Going digital’ means new business risks. New dependencies, reliance on third-parties, cyber-risks and data security. We remove risks for businesses by creating a data bridge to their customers removing the need to keep the data themselves.

Transfer data online with no data compliance fees

The cost of data compliance is increasing. By creating secure direct data bridges between businesses and customers we remove the need for businesses to maintain this data. Thereby eliminating the associated compliance costs and risks.

Secure user-controlled data marketplace

Our secure pay-as-you-go components facilitate verifiable data transactions between businesses and their customers. We call it our secure user-controlled data marketplace.


We build and manage practical and scalable blockchain-based technical services for our customers, and their customers, to use. This technology is inherently trustless. Anyone using our infrastructure can guarantee that we cannot arbitrate the data process, and therefore guarantee that we cannot make revenue from the data.

Our business model is based on transaction and message volume, rather than content value. We want to be paid to operate a trusted infrastructure, not from being able to access or manage the data.

Think of our platform as a trusted data guardian. An online transaction system for the many, not for the few.



Fast and easy retain of irrevocable proof of customer consent and identity.



Proof of payment. Eliminate card-not-present risks. Lower electronic payment fees.



Bank-attested statement of balance from your customer’s bank in a few minutes, including attested proof of income.



Lower fraud costs for online transactions due to verified proof of purchase and delivery.



Automatically track and manage all invoices. Pre-authorise an invoice payment to be paid from your bank account when it is due.



Do you require verifiable proof of location (for eg VATMOSS purposes)?


Why can you trust us?

We are bringing PCI Compliance to the management of all data. We are also in the process of applying for FCA Regulatory Permission to become an authorised payment institution. Our clients include multi-sector regulated businesses, with a requirement for the highest levels of data security and privacy.


We are bringing PCI standards of data security to all data, not just payments.


When combined with our serverless-first technology we have the most cost-effective pay-as-you-go digital transaction service offering on the market.


We use decentralised technology in our core infrastructure to minimise our client’s dependence on us as a supplier and ensure we are fair.